Top five spa and wellness centres in Marbella

Fashionable Marbella established a reputation for excellent beauty spas offering first class service and facilities a long time ago. Time has only strengthened the opinion of many that you will be hard pushed to find another resort in Europe able to recommend so many respected establishments for spa and wellness services.


A winter visit to Málaga is never a chilly affair. Even if temperatures do creep towards the cooler end of the thermometre (which they rarely do), the warm welcome extended by the Malagueños will always leave you glowing.

Marbella view

When you think sport and Marbella the first association that comes to mind is golf. And not surprisingly, since Marbella is at the heart of the Costa del Sol, an area that with its fantastic climate and more than 60 first class golf courses is also known internationally as the ‘Costa del Golf’.

Sporty Benahavis: there’s more than just great food in the village!

Customarily when you hear talk of the village of Benahavis, your thoughts are diverted with tales of the gastronomic delights served in the remarkably high number of quality restaurants that line its cobbled streets.

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