On the Sunny Side of Life, Puerto Banús

By Gilmar 

| 21st Dec

A key destination for luxury nautical tourism with over four million visitors a year.

Gilmar Puerto Banus

The tourist area known as Puerto Banús is located in the development called Nueva Andalucia, between Marbella and San Pedro de Alcantara. The buildings with an Andalusian aesthetic surround a sports port that has in its warm waters 915 berths on 15 hectares that can host vessels of more than 50 meters of length. It is prepared with everything that a large marina requires, including – among others – boating and diving rentals and services, centralized alarm security systems, and 24 hour surveillance. The annual cost per mooring exceeds four hundred thousand euros for vessels greater than 50 meters, and the daily cost is more than two thousand euros, which places Puerto Banus among the most expensive ports on the Mediterranean Sea, next to the exclusive ports of Portofino, Capri and Porto Cervo in Sardinia.

A Bit of History

On May 18, 1970 José Banús held the opening party for the port’s marina. 1,700 guests attended, among them personalities such as Aga Khan; the then Princes of Asturias, don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofia; Princess Grace and Prince Rainier of Monaco; Liza Minelli; the tycoon Aristotle Onassis; Hugh Hefner, the owner of Playboy; Roman Polanski and a long list of others. The party was enlivened by Julio Iglesias, while an ‘army’ of 300 waiters served more than 20 kilos of beluga caviar.

Puerto Banús grew out of the collaboration between the builder José Banús, and the architect, Noldi Schreck, who participated in the design of Beverly Hills. The promoter had developed full-city services focused on wealthy tourists such that the port would be their star project. The project included the construction of several hotels, a casino, a bullring, and two golf courses – one of them designed by Ro- bert Trent Jones – among other facilities. Marbella became the epicenter of luxury tourism.

Don José Banús, his wife Doña Pilar Calvo, and Sánchez de León were regulars at Monte Carlo and provided the key to its success. However, a resort should not only have good support services and an excellent climate, but also had to offer spectacular events. Marbella hosted opera festivals, dinners and parties with the cream of the jet set, and international golf and regatta championships that attracted tourists from all around the world.

The prestige of Puerto Banus was firmly consolidated after the Saudi Royal Family established five lavish palaces that occupied an area of two hundred thousand square meters. But, since its inception, the port has always been a meeting place for personalities of all kinds; artists, athletes, government leaders and business entrepreneurs have made Puerto Banus a key destination for luxury nautical tourism with over four million visitors a year.

Puerto Banus by Day

Surrounded by housing estates where there is room for discretion as well as the ostentatious, Puerto Banus is definitely the showcase for the latter. The most expensive and conspicuous vehicles glide through its streets, and in its port, the most impressive yachts are berthed. Around Ribera Street are the most exclusive fashion brands in the world, such as Dior, Cartier, Missoni, Vuitton, Dolce & Gabba- na, Hermès, Yves Saint Laurent and Loewe, among many others.

Real Luxury at Puerto Banus in Marbella

At any time of the day you can enjoy the best international cuisine, exclusive services and the most varied events, such as champagne festivals, private chefs, limousines and luxury car rentals, makeup and hairstyling services, wedding arrangements, boat trips, and airport transfers. Each season, beach clubs resound with music and many enjoy their fun and summer days by the beach and in the sea. And, the number of entertainment choices available are plentiful – from art exhibitions to fashion shows. As an example, the Marbella Ocean Club, where we can enjoy famous festivals in their pool overlooking the Mediterranean, incorporates a small legal boutique, a beauty salon, spa, and restaurant

Puerto Banus by Night

After nightfall, Puerto Banus offers a wide variety of entertainment, gastronomy and shopping opportunities to enjoy of the best parties on the southern Mediterranean. Casinos and local bars and night- clubs receive distinguished visitors eager to plunge into its elegant nightlife. According to the prestigious brand ‘The World ́s Finest Clubs’, Marbella now has five: Ocean Club Marbella has joined Club Pangea, Tibu Disco, Funky Budda and the Cavalli Club.

Puerto Banus by Night

“Unique and particular lifestyle”

Pangea is located in the luxurious terrace of Puerto Banus offering panoramic views, spectacular sunsets, gorgeous cocktails and gourmet aperitifs. Tibu is located in Antonio Banderas Plaza and has impressive decoration. Within walking distance is the Funky Budda where the best summer festivals with the most prestigious DJ ́s and an exquisite clientele are enjoyed and celebrated. Finally, the Cavalli Club Puerto Banus reflects the glamour of the designer and has incomparable events during all seasons. All in all, the visitor can find international celebrities and the glamourous lifestyle so exclusive to the enclave that is Puerto Banus.

Now, in the 21st century, Puerto Banus continues to maintain its image of luxury and first class entertainment which has been so famous for decades. Year after year, aristocrats, artists, the famous, and VIP’s all are, and will be, eager to enjoy its unique and particular lifestyle.

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