Luxury yachts in Puerto Banús

By Gilmar 

| 27th Oct

When you think of Puerto Banús, its beautiful marina comes to mind first, because it really represents the heart of the place. Of course, there are also the port’s exclusive shops, high quality restaurants, bars and nightclubs. But, in the end, the magnificent yachts moored in this harbour are the main attraction for many visitors, who love to imagine a life on one of these floating palaces.

Luxury yachts in Puerto Banús Marina

This year at least one exceptional yacht has visited the marina. In September, Super Yacht ‘A’ was spotted just outside the entrance to Puerto Banús. This 143 metre vessel, valued at $450 million and designed by the renowned Philippe Starck, is owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko who is ranked by Forbes a 89th on the world billionaire ranking with a net worth of some $14.5 billion earned from mining and fertiliser industries.

This impressive vessel has three 300ft masts and boasts eight floors, with a helicopter pad on one of the decks and an underwater observation room. It needs a crew of 54 to run it, weighs 1.8 tonnes and has a top speed of 39kmph.

But admiring the yachts is not the only fun activity to be had on the front line at Puerto Banús, it is also a popular spot for people watching and spotting the latest supercar models. Take a front seat at News Café or Jack’s Smokehouse and you will have an excellent view of the cosmopolitan crowd that visits the port during day and night. Other venues where you can relax and admire a new Ferrari, or maybe spot a celebrity include Sinatra’s bar, perhaps one of the most famous bars in Puerto Banús, or head to Picasso’s for a pizza and hope you are fortunate enough to get a table right at the entrance.

And, there is of course the shopping. The list of high-end boutiques that line the marina is enviable and includes Giorgio Armani, Prada, Custo, Jimmy Choo, Tom Ford and Fendi. This is just a small selection of the quality brands available to the discerning shopper. There are few places in the world where the shopping experience is set against an enviable backdrop of beautiful boats, and that is why Puerto Banús continues to draw wealthy visitors, whether they arrive by land or by sea.

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