Marbella’s beautiful Old Town

By Gilmar 

| 19th Oct

When Marbella is mentioned to those who don’t know the town, images of glamour and fast cars are conjured up, with the international jet set browsing in eye-wateringly expensive designer shops. In fact, the real heart of Marbella is its Casco Antigo or Old Town. It is reached by leaving behind the beach and the Paseo Marítimo (sea promenade), and crossing the main road that bisects the town.

Marbella old town

Marbella was founded in 1485 after the Christian Reconquest took the town from the Arab inhabitants who had called it ‘Marbil-la’. The layout of the town betrays its Arab origins and is still evident today.

The winding cobbled streets seem to be festooned with flowers throughout the year and splash a blaze of colour over the uniformly whitewashed walls of the buildings here. The roads are lined with a great variety of shops, from chic boutiques and bakeries to those selling tourist trinkets, catering for the many who enjoy strolling through the narrow streets.

The jewel in the crown of the Old Town, however, is the Plaza de los Naranjos, or Orange Square. This medieval square is the main attraction of historic Marbella. Nowadays it has many restaurants with their orange umbrellas jostling for attention, however look above the umbrellas and you can see the amazing heritage in this part of town. Here you will find some wonderful Castillian Renaissance architecture with the Ayuntamiento (Marbella Town Hall) building, the Ermita de Santiago (the oldest church in Marbella) and the Marbella Tourist Office all vying for your attention.

Marbella is much more than an open air museum however, it is a thriving city where people live and work as well as, of course, catering to the many tourists who throng the streets at all times of the year. You will find a range of restaurants that satisfy even a demanding gourmet, as well as a great selection of bars in which to sit and while away the hours watching the world go by in this beautiful part of the world.

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