Healthy living on the Costa del Sol

By Gilmar 

| 7th Feb

With around 320 days of sunshine annually, the Costa del Sol encourages an outdoor lifestyle that has many health benefits. Residents here are rarely stuck indoors because of bad weather; indeed, a rainy day is something of a novelty to be enjoyed on occasion.

Puerto Banús, Marbella

Image source Ayuntamiento Marbella

Furthermore, the increased daylight hours, compared with some northern countries, ensure a brighter mental outlook, and it is rare to hear anyone talk about Seasonal Affective Disorder on the coast. In fact, many residents may spend winter on the Costa del Sol to escape SAD symptoms. But, what else is on offer here that boosts personal health?


The Costa del Sol is famous for its golf courses and this sport ensures that players are out in the fresh air and keeping moving, even if it is walking rather than running around a course. Golf also keeps the body and mind flexible as players perfect their swing and create strategies for different courses.


Tennis and the Spanish padel tennis are two of the more popular sports on the Costa del Sol and there are plenty of courts and clubs to join. The clement winter temperatures encourage year-round play, which would not be possible in most other places, which is why a number of tennis stars, like Novak Djokovic, visit here to practise between tournaments, or just enjoy some downtime.

Water sports

With the Mediterranean on our doorstep and swimming pools in every urbanisation as well as in private villas, swimming is naturally popular. One of its benefits is that it is suitable for every level of fitness. Water skiing and paddle boarding are other ways of keeping fit, and learning to scuba dive is also an option here.

Walking and running

You will see plenty of people out running every day of the year. The space and the leafy greenness of many areas make this activity more pleasant than in an urban environment. And, walkers and hikers are extremely well catered for with hikes venturing into the countryside and mountains suited to different levels of fitness published on various websites, making them easy to follow.

Yoga, Pilates and Gyms

And, for those who want to get fit indoors, there are yoga centres offering every type of yoga discipline under the sun. You will never have to go very far to find a gym either, and Pilates, Tai Chi and other similar forms of exercise are on offer as well.

Don’t forget horseback riding, paragliding, surfing and more. The opportunities to stay healthy when you live on the Costa del Sol are endless; all you have to do is make the most of them.

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