The Fabulous life of Puerto Banús, Marbella

By Gilmar 

| 24th Feb

If we think about our deepest dreams, we can’t even imagine a place same as living and have a property in Marbella, more specific in Puerto Banus.

The Fabulous life of Puerto Banús, Marbella

This place, surrounded by contrasts where houses, department stores, people and characters, live with the typical Andalusian village, which keeps inside all the stories forged in the golden age of the seventies; Where still the memory of a young Julio Iglesias singing among the bars and the luxury and the most outstanding contemporary comforts of our era still shelters.

The world-renowned port stands out for adapting to meet all the real needs and dreams that the lucky ones who live in Marbella or those looking for a place to live can have.

Banús is the ideal place where luxury, good food, good wines and insatiable sunny days coexist in a unique and incomparable environment. The Mediterranean warm Spanish blood, together with access to the highest world of fashion and glamour, make this port, with an excellent microclimate provided by its location at the foot of the mountain and within the famous Costa del Sol, Be the excellent place to settle down and live a fabulous life.

That is what makes it special, that this area is cosmopolitan and full of different cultures, languages ​​and languages, that its flavors are distinguished by being conjugated day by day creating stories.

For all this adapts to any taste or need. While haute couture designers, Rolex and Louis Vuitton, sit on the edge of the yacht club, athletes enjoy the different activities that can be done, in addition to the warm afternoons that we can all enjoy under the reflection of the sun.

When you wake up from the day, the blue of the sky mixes with the calm waters of the Mediterranean, creating a daily and unrepeatable painting that reminds you that your life is full of all things that happen here alone.

Lifestyle Puerto Banús

Listening to the name of Puerto Banus leads us to think of “lifestyle”. That was what José Banús, the architect who gave his name and gave birth to this port, devised with the firm intention of creating a unique place. Thus was born the ‘jewel of the crown’ of Nueva Andalucia. We all know that he succeeded; Created a unique place that surpasses even their own – and our – expectations.

And what about the night, the lights of the figure of the Hotel Benabola stand out at the top, while at their feet the most luxurious and impressive cars on the planet advance, is a whole catwalk of Ferrari, Rolls Royce, BMW and Mercedes Benz, which they cross Muelle Ribera day after day, writing the anecdotes that will one day be part of the memories of the residents of Marbella.

For dinner or tapas this place satisfies any culinary need that the visitor may have. Brands like Hard Rock and Fridays settle in Marina Banús. There are restaurants with food of American, Spanish, French, Italian… There is everything for everyone, for the whole family and all ages.
Puerto Banus encompasses the magic of the world in a few kilometers, with the aroma of the sea around.

All the amenities needed to live without worry are just a few steps away from both the beach and the residential area and neighborhoods that surround it, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, banks, high schools, gyms, cinemas and cafes, cohabit in the atmosphere thus highlighting and describing why Puerto Banus is – and will always be – the iconic luxury port of the southern European coast.

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